ERC Starting grant 10000 DIGITS

Transcendental methods in computational nonlinear algebra

host institution
Inria, France
project duration
from 2022 to 2027
1 400 000 €

This project is about developing algorithms and software to compute with high precision integrals with a geometric origin, especially periods of algebraic variety, and tackle applications in diophantine approximation, quantum field theory and optimization. We do this by leveraging symbolic integration, D-module theory, high-precision ODE solving and numerical algebraic geometry.


principal investigator
Pierre Lairez
phd student
Eric Pichon-Pharabod (co-advised with Pierre Vanhove)

Available positions

There are available positions: internships, PhD theses, postdocs. You can apply at any time by sending me an email (please put “10000digits” in the subject).

enjoy doing effective mathematics, that is going from “does there exist?” to “how to compute?”
enjoy programming (C, julia, python, etc), a useful algorithm is an algorithm that runs